Monthly Archives: November 2010

Crawford Road - Yorktown, VA

By Unknown There have been more stories told about what happens around Crawford Road in Yorktown, Virginia than any other road in Virginia. If you want to here some of those …read more Source:: Haunted Va New Feed

Fort Monroe - Hampton, VA

By Unknown You could travel from Abingdon to Alexandria to Hampton and not find a more haunted place than Fort Monroe. Perhaps, there are more active locations but the amount of …read more Source:: Haunted Va New Feed

Carter's Grove - Williamsburg, VA

By Unknown Continuing with our series of famous Tidewater mansions, today we examine Carter’s Grove. The house itself dates back to the 1750’s when it was built by Robert “King” Carter, …read more Source:: Haunted Va New Feed

Shirley Plantation - Charles City, VA

By Unknown A few days ago, I posted a story about Miss Evelyn Byrd and her apparition being seen around Westover Plantation. Today, we’re going to discuss another Plantation that happens …read more Source:: Haunted Va New Feed