Website Hosting

By | November 5, 2013

In the next week or so I’ll have several websites available for anyone who wants to build a WordPress based paranormal/mystery/UFO centered website!

I think you’ll like the service offered as I’ll build the site on my platform using the same feature set I use on my own sites and several themes for you to choose from.

Pricing is just $45.00 per year but I do require you to open an account at (I own Paradigm Domains) and register or transfer your domain there. These sites are for new or startup sites on WordPress and I’ll be available to help you as you build out your site.

I don’t design sites or provide artwork but I will help install your selected theme and change/resize any artwork you provide. I’ll also stand behind the site itself and will move it to another host I’ll provide if this service doesn’t work for you.