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Ghost hunting fact (Orbs) : An orb is a ball of light that is considered the essence of a ghost.

By FB-RSS Ghost hunting fact (Orbs) : An orb is a ball of light that is considered the essence of a ghost. Orbs are rarely seen in person, but show up frequently …read more

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The Benefit of Freaky Virginia’s Pligg System

Here at Freaky Virginia I run Pligg as the main site content management system. With Pligg Freaky Virginia can pull RSS Feeds from other great websites and aggregate those together making it easier for visitors to find interesting articles and follow those short leads back to the originating websites.

Freaky Virginia can also accept story submissions from members. Sites that are ‘linked to’ from here as part of our RSS efforts or fan submission system receive an incoming link back to their website and some great publicity for their story or site.

Many of our posts go on to reach out further via social media links such as our Facebook presence. A mention, link, post or RSS Feed on Freaky Virginia may easily help your website reach further afield across the Internet and in search engine rankings while reaching a even bigger market.

Freaky Virginia also advertises across social media sites and our parent company (ParadigmDomains) owned websites. Freaky Virginia also enters reciprocal link agreements from time to time. This further exposure can help your posts and story submissions reach further markets.

If your website, blog or Facebook Page isn’t being pulled into the Freaky Virginia Content Management System yet, you might want to notify me via email or phone to find you and ‘start pulling’ today. And to keep your site high in our story tables make sure you post or blog on a regular basis.

Paranormal Website Hosting with Social Media Connectivity!

I have website hosting available for anyone who wants to build a WordPress based paranormal/mystery/UFO centered website! Pricing is just $88.00 per year and Domain Names are available at my if you wish to register or transfer your domain there.

These sites are for new startup sites on WordPress, connect with your Social Media Services (Pages) and I’ll be available to help you as you build out your site. I think you’ll like the service offered as I’ll build the site on my platform using the same feature set I use on my own sites and several themes for you to choose from.

One feature you might really like is the ability to post to your page via your Facebook Page. And then posts on you Blog are automatically shared out to your other social media outlets.

I’ll also stand behind the site itself and will move it to another host I’ll provide if this service doesn’t work well for you. You’ll also get to take full advantage of the Jetpack Plugin and many other features to give you a great website with Social Media connections (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) options.

Welcome Message!!

Welcome to Freaky Virginia! The Paranormal, mysterious, weird, abnormal and UFO content aggregation website.


I don’t believe everything posted here and consider many of the subjects broached to be little more than ‘curiosities’. Yeah, I’m skeptical! But if you’re at all interested in this subject then enjoy the content. There’s Plenty Here!


We Pull A lot of Feeds from a ton of Facebook Pages, a few Facebook Groups and many great Paranormal and UFO websites. And we always have room for more! You’ll also find a Pinterest Board here and a Google+ companion website. Yes, we are on Facebook!!!! And Twitter!!!