The Benefit of Freaky Virginia’s Pligg System

By | February 12, 2014

Here at Freaky Virginia I run Pligg as the main site content management system. With Pligg Freaky Virginia can pull RSS Feeds from other great websites and aggregate those together making it easier for visitors to find interesting articles and follow those short leads back to the originating websites.

Freaky Virginia can also accept story submissions from members. Sites that are ‘linked to’ from here as part of our RSS efforts or fan submission system receive an incoming link back to their website and some great publicity for their story or site.

Many of our posts go on to reach out further via social media links such as our Facebook presence. A mention, link, post or RSS Feed on Freaky Virginia may easily help your website reach further afield across the Internet and in search engine rankings while reaching a even bigger market.

Freaky Virginia also advertises across social media sites and our parent company (ParadigmDomains) owned websites. Freaky Virginia also enters reciprocal link agreements from time to time. This further exposure can help your posts and story submissions reach further markets.

If your website, blog or Facebook Page isn’t being pulled into the Freaky Virginia Content Management System yet, you might want to notify me via email or phone to find you and ‘start pulling’ today. And to keep your site high in our story tables make sure you post or blog on a regular basis.