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Black Triangle Sighting in White Rock, New Mexico on July 25th 1979 – Was talking to family members who were sitting in a van; I felt like I needed to turn around and when I did, I saw the black craft moving real slow, like 10-15 miles and hour, and about 3 telephone poles high. Black and no noise.

By UFO Stalker UFO SIGHTING! When I looked up, I saw three Caucasion men and one Caucasion lady dressed in tight fitting black suits. They looked down at me and returned to whatever …read more Source:: UFO World News


By Nikki …read more Source:: UFOs Disclosed Forum – The UFO & Conspiracy Community


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'Bernie Baby' Dies of SIDS

By (Kim LaCapria) “Bernie Baby” Oliver Lomas, whose photos became a hit among Bernie Sanders supporters, has reportedly died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. …read more Source:: New Urban Legends

Donald Trump Editorial via The New Yorker?

By (Kim LaCapria) A widely-circulated editorial about Donald Trump didn’t reach viral popularity until it was misattributed to the magazine “The New Yorker.” …read more Source:: New Urban Legends

FALSE: Steph Curry Left Nike over Bible Dispute

By (Dan Evon) Viral Facebook posts and articles claim (with no supporting evidence) that Nike didn’t sign Steph Curry because the NBA star insisted on putting a Bible quote on his sneakers. …read more Source:: New Urban Legends