Monthly Archives: November 2016

Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Love Child

By (Alex Kasprak) Claims that Fidel Castro and Margaret Trudeau had an affair that resulted in the current Canadian prime minister are impossible on both biological and historical grounds. …read more Source:: New Urban Legends

Iowa witness reports low flying UFO

By Roger Marsh An Iowa witness at Iowa City reported having a brief encounter with a chevron-shaped UFO that banked hard and quickly moved away, according to testimony in Case 79752 from the …read more Source:: Openminds TV New Feed

Burned Bible Page Found at Dollywood

By (Dan Evon) A partially burned page from the Bible showing verses about fire was found at Dollywood during the 2016 fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. …read more Source:: New Urban Legends

5 Incredible Suppressed Inventions

One might think, looking around at the world today, that we are living in somewhat of a technological utopia, but there are said to be some inventions that would have …read more Source:: Coast to Coast AM – Conspiracies