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Does Steve Bannon Need a Senate Confirmation Hearing to Sit on the NSC?

By (Bethania Palma) A legal expert told us the law does not require Bannon to be confirmed by the Senate to sit on the National Security Council Principals Committee. …read more

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Does President Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Exclude Countries Where He Has Businesses?

By (Arturo Garcia) The president had admitted to having “a little conflict of interest” because of a licensing deal in Turkey, but it is not clear whether the countries listed in his immigration …read more

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Daily UFO Headlines 1/31/2017

By Alejandro Rojas UFO Over Santa Monica Pier Sunday–Unidentified Flying Object of Alien Origin? – Santa Monica Observer
Scientific explanations behind UFO ‘abductions’ –
Conspiracy Week at The …read more

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Did President Obama Ban Muslims from Entering the United States in 2011?

By (Kim LaCapria) Comparisons between a 2011 Obama administration slowdown on processing Iraqi visas and President Trump’s stay on immigration from seven countries are inaccurate. …read more

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Did President Trump's Immigration Executive Order Lead to the Capture of an Islamic State Leader?

By (Kim LaCapria) No, President Trump’s immigration order did not result in the capture of “Rasheed Muhammed” at John F. Kennedy Airport. …read more

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Did President Trump Criticize Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Social Media Use?

By (Kim LaCapria) An article claiming President Donald Trump criticized Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for using social media too much was satirical. …read more

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Do Trump's Top Advisers Believe He is Misleading Them About Russian Blackmail?

By (Bethania Palma) An unverified report stemming from an unidentified Twitter user who claims to be a White House insider says President Trump is misleading staffers about being blackmailed by Russia. …read more

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UFO sighting in 1897 excites Tippecanoe County – Journal and Courier

By – You want a famous date in Lafayette history? How about April 12, 1897? That’s when our newspaper ancestor, the Lafayette Evening Courier, told its first UFO story. It went like …read more

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UFO Sighting: Helicopter Pilot Films ‘Glowing Craft’ Over Orlando, Florida [Video] – The Inquisitr

By – A helicopter pilot from Orlando in Florida has reported sighting and filming a “glowing UFO craft” at an altitude of about 1,500 feet. According to the unnamed witness in a …read more

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UFO Sighting: Corroborating Witnesses Could Confirm New Year Fireball Event In Texas – The Inquisitr

By – A UFO sighting in San Antonio, Texas, could provide key information that could confirm a fireball UFO event in Texas, shortly after midnight on New Year’s day. In a report …read more

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UFO Sighting in Port St. Lucie, Florida on 2016-10-10 00:00:00 – Object flew over me and my sons head he is 49 yrs old

By UFO Stalker UFO SIGHTING! My son and i were leaning on the back of my truck on a very dark night when out of nowhere just above us an object 500 ft …read more

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UFO Sighting in Independence, Missouri on 2017-01-30 18:33:00 – Large sphere shaped light traveling faster than a fighter jet

By UFO Stalker UFO SIGHTING! As reported to asd by phone: last night as i was getting ready to get into my car i had a feeling i should look up for some …read more

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