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Daily UFO Headlines 4/24/2017

By Alejandro Rojas People Are Seeing U.F.O.s Everywhere, and This Book Proves It – The New York Times CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series: Coins, Aliens and UFOs – Coin Week <a target="_blank" href="" …read more Source:: Openminds TV New Feed

By Haunted Hollywood home of ‘Dracula’ legend Bela Lugosi for sale for $3 million It’s been over 80 years since iconic cinema star Bela Lugosi slept in this stately Tudor in …read more Source:: FB-RSS feed for I Eat Sleep and Breathe Halloween

By Stirr of Echoes Thanks to its dark history, which only seemed to grow with each new tenant, this house developed a reputation as a home for wayward spirits. According to …read more Source:: FB-RSS feed for Australian Paranormal Society