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Photo – How to connect with our spirit guides: <br>Written by Amanda Wright APS Sensitive/Medium May 2019 <br><br>(Please do not copy any part of my content without my prior permission) <br> <br>We all have spirit guides:<br>Who are they? <br>Why do we have spirit guides? <br><br>As most of you are aware, before birth we have a birth plan or what can be called a blueprint. An agreement. Our guides are responsible for helping us accomplish our spiritual blueprint/contract. I’d actually like to say our contract/blueprint can change at any time, as unfortunately some people decide to end their contract early. (That’s something I’ll discuss in another article)<br>Spirit guides can be our great ancestors, or people from the other side that specialise in certain areas. Our guides just want to help guide us on this journey we call life. Some spirit guides are ancient and extremely knowledgeable, some are ascended masters etc. Spirit guides will pop in and out of our lives, but some will stay for the long haul. <br><br>You do not have to be a Medium to contact or connect with your spirit guides. Anyone wanting to connect with their spirit guides can. <br><br>I’ll share a few basic techniques:<br><br>Some people who don’t understand how to connect with their spirit guides are sadly missing all the signs their spirit guides are showing them. It’s unfortunate because their guidance is much appreciated in times of need. It’s like anything in life it takes time and practice to understand and fine tune our senses. <br>Are you feeling stuck, disconnected, suffering from depression?<br>A feeling of being lost and alone or feeling sadness and totally incomplete?<br>You’re not alone. <br>We are NEVER alone. <br>Your spirit guides are with you.<br><br>Why do we have spirit guides?<br>There’s an easy answer.<br><br>Spirit guides are here of course to guide us on our journey. To help us make the right choices and take the right path. Their mission in our lives is to be there for us when others won’t be or can’t be. Your intuition will work overtime after reading my article. You’ll start to open your eye 👁 and see what they want for you, and what they really do want for you is to be happy and live a fulfilling life. <br> <br>Learn to Ask:<br>Ask. Our spirit guides are there for you, all you have to do is ask. Ask them for guidance ask them the big questions. <br>Learn to recognise the signs and the frequency changes when spirit guides are near. Spirit guides can share telepathic messages with you, certain smells and visions. You really do need to pay attention to see their signs of communication. Guides love to send signs, so open your peepers. Rely on that gut instinct, it’s very important. Gut instinct has literally saved my life on several occasions. <br> <br>Meditation: <br>A brilliant way to find out who our guides are is through meditation and what I call “spirit guide writing” allow the voice of your guides to work through your hands, for their names and their main purposes in our lives or any questions that you may have for them. If you can’t connect telepathically with your guides sometimes writing in meditation or trance helps with questions and answers we seek. <br>It’s the same method as spirit/automatic writing ✍️ asking your guides to come through in the form of writing.<br>You can call on your spirit guides any time anywhere for help and guidance that’s why they’re with us on this journey called life, to help guide us and help us heal. <br> <br>A Spirit Guides Ceremony through Meditation and Trance: <br>A trance like state is an altered state of consciousness. Helping you on your journey in (all aspects), not only in the paranormal field but self-healing and enlightenment. <br><br>Make your atmosphere comfortable. I use a dimly lit room with incense or herbs burning, like white sage/dragon’s blood in a bowl. Sage is great for calming your mood and it’s protective for any spirit work. Light some white candles to help improve your mood. Listen to calming music or sounds or chant “Om”, it can be a true transformation to chant. Do anything that helps you breathe easy and lower your blood pressure, while slowing down your mind. Relax. Go into a meditative state for about 5-10 minutes and ask your questions to your spirit guides. Ask them what their purpose is for you. Ask them their name. Keep the blank paper and pen in your hand asking for your spirit guides to come through your hands and write down their names and the answers to any other questions you have for them. <br>You may get instant messages, pictures, words, even thoughts popping into your head. Write them down. Write anything that comes to you down. It may be helpful for later down the line. <br>The more you do this as a regular routine the more personal connection you will have with your guides. It’s honestly so self-assuring knowing you have a full time protector with you who loves and cares for you. It’s really an incredible feeling. <br> <br>The Ancient pathway meditation tour: <br>Ground before this technique and after using the Tree grounding above is best. <br>This is a powerful tool that Bill APS and I myself use. <br>It’s best to be sitting down comfortably or laying down if you prefer, you must be totally relaxed and ready to go into a deep meditation. It’s best if someone can talk you thorough this process the first few attempts. It may take some time to perfect <br>Close your eyes and breathe. Keep your breathing slow and your mind clear. Continue deep breathing and slowly clear your mind, filling it with light and protection asking your guides to come forward ready to be revealed to you, but ask them to protect you and guide you at the same time. <br>After you’re in a relaxed state of mind & body, you see before you there are 10 old but incredibly beautiful ancient steps. About to take you back to the old world. You slowly start walking up to the ancient steps. <br>When you start to ascend the ancient stairs have the questions in your mind of what you’d like to ask your guide/guides. Slowly walk up the stairs, one by one, focusing completely on meeting your guides, preparing yourself to stand on the top of the ancient pathway. Counting the stairs in your mind slowly. Asking the questions in your mind over and over. <br>When you’re finally at the top of the steps (don’t rush), there is an old ancient path, longer than the eyes can see, this pathway is full of doors inside the trees. The trees are all around you they are massive, old and majestic, all the trees are joined together so thick that you can’t see the top of the sky. But the pathway is lit up by ancient warriors and their burning torches brightly lighting up your pathway to each of the doorways. The ancient warriors are protectors of each tree door, holding tightly the trees and their doorways secrets. They are armed with old swords; they will not hurt you. Be respectful and kind and thankful. They may even share their name. <br>You walk up the ancient pathway as long or as short as you choose. As you’re walking and looking at the doorways to each tree, the door will have numbers on it, the numbers are in no particular order, but they may be specific to you later on so afterwards remember the number or numbers (now if the door has no numbers don’t open it, it isn’t ready for you to enter), the guard of the doorway will not allow you to cross over and open any door without a number, it’s not your time yet to go through that particular doorway. <br>Whichever doorway you choose you must be prepared to see what is beyond that veil. You must not step beyond the door way, staying only at the threshold of the door you chose, opening it fully and peeking into the room you may witness only a room or massive field, a building or another world etc, it depends on what you’re allowed to see whatever the guides wish to show you are just inside that door. <br>You’ll find the answers to your question or questions regarding your spirit guides at hand, the questions that you’ve asked your guides to reveal. They will come to the door and greet you & talk with you, providing you with the information and safety you have asked for.<br><br>No matter how much you want to enter beyond that door you must not enter. You must thank the guide when they have finished speaking or showing you beyond the veil of that doorway. Regardless of what you may see, thank them and appreciate their time and correspondence with you how ever brief it might be. <br>You must then close the door, thanking them again. You must always close the door behind you. You may choose as many tree doorways as you please or as many as you are allowed. Sometimes the guardians of the doorways will gather around you. Don’t be afraid. They’re protecting you as you’re not ready to see any more doors at this stage. <br>Always be respectful and thankful for the messages you have received. You can do this same step for past life regression, but I would ask you to please not try any past life regression until you’ve mastered knowing and understanding your spirit guides and learnt your protection and grounding. <br>The basics are essential. <br>Don’t rush. <br> <br>When you turn to walk back down the stairs acknowledge and thank the ancient door warriors guarding the doorways as you walk slowly back down the ancient pathway to the last 10 steps. <br>Walk down each step slowly, saying, “thank you, now I walk home and thank you for my sight and thank you for my safety”, say this on each step you walk down repeat the same saying. <br>On the last step as your both feet gently touch the floor turn around both hands clasped together thanking the universe and your guides and the tree warriors for your insight into the veil of the unknown, tell them goodbye and thank you and tell them you appreciate their guidance. <br>Grounding again when you finish this exercise is a must. A must before the experience and a must after the experience. <br> <br>Lepidocrocite in quartz: <br>I recommend this crystal for anyone wanting to connect with spirit guides. <br>Lepidocrocite in quartz is brilliant for people with hyperactivity and helps dramatically with calming and healing. It’s also incredible for helping you connect to your spirit guides and helps open your spirit intuition which is important to connect with spirit. <br>It’s essential for those who have problems slowing down for meditation. Two of my sons have ADHD and use this Quartz, they’re both extremely gifted souls with the sight. Lepidocrocite in quartz has powerful vibrations that help align the chakras. Its healing power is incredible. So, go and buy one or several. This crystal is brilliant to incorporate into your meditation and grounding techniques or to carry for everyday life situations. <br> <br>Grounding: <br>Make sure you always ground yourself. Not only for protection of unwanted contact from any other spirit wanting to pop in, but for better strength connections with your guides. Keeping you grounded protects you from nasty entities that want to cause havoc. Also, it gives you control of your life. <br>I’m sharing with you a grounding technique from Bill APS and myself that we do on a regular basis. <br> <br>The Tree: <br>(If you can do this technique touching a tree or leaning against a tree it’s magical but if not don’t worry) <br>Stand tall<br>Take your shoes off. <br>Breathe in and out deeply. <br>Relax. Close your eyes. <br>Feel the soles of your feet on the earth imagine growing roots from the soles of your feet. <br>Pushing down deeply into the earth. Pushing through the soil and the rock until you break through to an opening and now before you is the core of the earth. <br>It’s bright golden light full of pure love and warmth. <br>Allow your roots to wrap around the core of the earth. <br>The roots will now absorb the beautiful earth, love and light. <br>Imagine it traveling up through the roots to the soles of the feet. <br>Hold it there for a moment. <br>Then allow that earth love and powerful healing light to rise up to your knees. <br>Hold it there for a moment. <br>Now allow that earth love and light to rise to your hips. <br>And hold it there for a moment. <br>Now let the energy rise up your back of your body and gather the light love and warmth at the crown of your head. <br>Hold it there for a moment. <br>Now allow that energy to flow down over your face over your chest and gather in your abdomen in a beautiful ball of warm glowing love and light. <br>Hold it there for a moment. <br>Now allow that energy to spread out throughout your body from your toes to your fingers now up into your head. <br>Your body is now full of this beautiful love earth and light. <br>Hold it for a moment. <br>Now expand that energy out from you as far as you can. <br>Now when you’ve gone as far into the universe as you can. <br>Draw the energy back to you gathering positive love and light and warmth back into your body. <br>You are now grounded. <br>Take three deep breathes and open your eyes. <br> <br>Note: Your legs may feel heavy this is normal. <br> <br>Our Inner Voice: <br>Pay attention to that inner voice. Sometimes that inner voice you hear is your guides working through you, supporting you, helping you become a better version of yourself. So, listen to that inner voice. It’s like a gut instinct you have that feeling for a reason so honour it. Believe in you, they love and care for you and support you, so the more you believe the more strengthened your bond is with your spirit guide and spirit in general. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that’s why we have spirit guides. They can work in remarkable ways. So, keep your peepers open. <br><br>Dreams: <br>If you’re having difficulty with meditation you can always ask you spirit guides to make themselves known in your dreams. Tell them to talk with you and guide you and communicate with you through your dreams. Make sure you keep a dream journal. <br> <br>Always be thankful:<br>Always remember to thank your guides. Be appreciative for all they do for us. They have an extremely difficult job looking after us, so knowing that they’re there with you really strengthens that bond between you both. <br>This is why meditation helps slow us down, so we can hear the inner voice, their protecting voice. So, be sure to listen and be thankful. They’re dedicated to helping you better your journey in life. <br> <br>Children and Spirit guides: <br>Children have no problems seeing their guides. Children have fresh eyes. So, nurture their gift. Listen to them talk, let them speak. The more we encourage our children’s gifts the better world we are making for our kids. They see everything in colour so don’t dim their colour to black and white. Encourage them, it strengthens children’s sight and connections to the spirit world and people around us. <br> <br>Spirit Guides are everything:<br>Our spirit guides are here with us from our first breath of life until our last. <br>Some spirit guides change during our lifetime depending on what’s happening in our directions or change of directions were one will step away and one will walk in to takes the others place. <br>I’ve just had that happen recently with an old friend of mine. I sent my guide to look after him in his time of sickness. My guide Mugumbi has decided that he bonded with my friend and his other spirit guide and decided he would stay with them. Mugumbi has called upon another spirit guide named Kuri to take his place and better support me in my midlife changes. <br>It was sad for myself as I relied on him for so much the last few years that my connection and bond with him were so emotional. But unfortunately, it was time for a change in my life, a new transition into the next stages of our lives. This happens with spirit guides as well. <br> <br>If you find conflict with your guides: <br>This can happen, it’s like a self-battle going on inside. If this is the case, ask the guide to leave and you’d like to meet with another guide. Unfortunately, we don’t get along with everyone in life, same in the spirit realms there is no difference. <br> <br>Just be loving and kind and ask them to move on and a replacement to come forth, someone you feel better suited to your needs. <br>As spirit guides in life sometimes move on, we can ask for that same privilege. <br>Tell the universe what type of guide you want for your replacement. Ask for one better suited to your journey in life. As we get older our priorities change and sometimes, we need a guide that will change with us. Guides are beautiful souls their job is not easy. <br> <br>Spirit guides showing themselves as light flickers similar to electricity: <br>When my spirit guides want me to pay attention, I’ll see light flickers in mid-air day or night (similar to electricity sparks) Usually when this happens to me it’s for me to take notice that my spirit guides have something extremely important to tell me or they’re warning me. <br> <br>If you’re finding it difficult to connect to your spirit guides: <br>Yoga and Pilates are great ways to learn to breathe and stretch and help you with important steps to understand more about meditation. Meditation can be hard to master. For some it takes a lot of practice and time. <br>Another simple way you can connect with your spirit guides is to write a letter. Asking for their help and guidance. If you’re finding it difficult to meditate write a note asking for their help and direction. Place it on the table open. You may be surprised about the outcome so watch for signs closely. This is a great way to have communication with your spirit guide while working on steps to bond you together with your guides. <br>If you feel you’re unable to meditate (some individuals do have great difficulty with meditation) and you’re finding it to be a difficult task to go that little extra mile to connect with your guides, feel free to connect with a Medium. To give you that extra confidence boost. <br> <br>The End <br><br>(Not my photo)

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How to connect with our spirit guides: Written by Amanda Wright APS Sensitive/Medium May 2019 (Please do not copy any part of my content without my prior permission) We all have spirit guides:Who are they? Why do we have spirit guides? As most of you …

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