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How to replace your Litter-Robot’s Cat Sensor

The cat sensor may be small, but is still an important part of your Litter-Robot Open Air III. Without this small component, your robot won’t detect when your cat is inside the litter. Although the sensor is not prone to defects, it is pretty sensible and you could find yourself one day […]

The 7 Best Robots From CES 2018

This edition of the Consumer Electronic Show, the annual grand mass of electronics products in Las Vegas, has gifted us with so many robotics products that it might be hard to navigate among all the announcements. The team at RobotShop and our community have debated together and here’s our ranking […]


Get Ready for a Party that’s Out of This World… Club Eternity!

New for 2018, TransWorld is excited to announce the party of the year! On Friday night, March 23rd, come celebrate our 10th year in St. Louis and be prepared to enter The Great Beyond. Walk into the Afterlife and accept your immortality at Club Eternity! Our everlasting, multi-tiered cabaret entices you to feel nirvana dancing in Heaven, kill some time in Purgatory or commiserate with… Read more »

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LiDAR : Light & laser based distance sensors

For robots, being able to understand or navigate their environment is often critical to functioning properly. While there are plenty of sensors that allow robots to glimpse their surroundings, one category of sensors that is rapidly gaining popularity is light and laser-based (LiDAR) distance measurement/object detection. In this article, we […]

New LIDAR-Lite V3 High Performance (LLV3HP) now available at RobotShop

The new version of the LIDAR-Lite v3 “High Performance” (LLV3HP) is now available at RobotShop. It offers key improvements while staying compatible with the current interfaces (I2C & PWM) our customers have grown used to. This article will go over the main improvements and differences. Improvements The casing is now IP rated at IPX7, […]

How Coding and Robotics can be used in School

An educational concept receiving a lot of discussions now is STEM. STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, acknowledges these disciplines are cross-curricular in that you can’t teach one of these disciplines without incorporating the others. Coding is becoming so popular because it is an easy way to […]

Website Hosting

In the next week or so I’ll have several websites available for anyone who wants to build a WordPress based paranormal/mystery/UFO centered website! I think you’ll like the service offered as I’ll build the site on my platform using the same feature set I use on my own sites and several themes for you to… Read More »