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Mercury Might Be Home to Alien Life

By | March 28, 2020

The list of places in our solar system that might be home to extraterrestrial life just keeps getting longer. There are moons around Saturn and Jupiter that may be the most likely place to find alien life and it’s recently become more possible that Mars might have life below its surface, too. Some scientists have… Read more »

Coronavirus Causing Birds, Deer and Monkeys to Attack Humans

By | March 24, 2020

Many experts believe that a probable original source of the coronavirus in humans is animals for sale in a market in China – animals that may have been infected by bats. Without anything more definitive, this probable link quickly went viral (both literally and physically), causing millions to suddenly hate certain animals. That’s obviously unfair… Read more »

Tales of Sinister Strangers in the Night

By | March 20, 2020

Not long ago, I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe on what is popularly known as “sleep paralysis.” Typically, people wake up in the early hours of the morning, either temporarily – or completely – paralyzed. There is almost always a dangerous, hostile supernatural “thing” in the bedroom – or, in some cases, hovering… Read more »

Marilyn Monroe And Elvis Presley Among Celebrities Who Are Said To Haunt Los Angeles

By | March 20, 2020

When we think of ghosts haunting a location, it’s usually a former owner or someone who died there tragically and unexpectedly. Another known occurrence is when a spirit revisits a place where he or she had a special connection like a favorite bar or a hotel. Celebrities spend a lot of time on the road… Read more »

Mysterious “Bonehenge” Structure Made From Mammoth Bones Has Experts Puzzled

By | March 18, 2020

A mysterious circular structure in Russia that was made from mammoth bones around 20,000 years ago is baffling experts. Nicknamed “Bonehenge”, it is located at a site called Kostenki 11 on the Russian Plain where approximately 70 bone structures have already been discovered. Kostenki 11 is thought to be the oldest of all the sites…. Read more »

New Species of Extinct ‘South American Yeti’ Discovered in Ecuador

By | March 15, 2020

Among the many theories about what a large, upright, fur-covered creature seen in various sizes and setting around the world might be, one that doesn’t get much attention is the idea that Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch might be a giant sloth. Extinct for far less time than Gigantopithecus, the giant ape also considered to be a possibility, belief… Read more »

Coronavirus in Space? China May Launch It and NASA is Ready

By | March 14, 2020

While the COVID-19 outbreak forced China has shut down travel around the country and between cities, that hasn’t included around the solar system and between planets. The country’s first interplanetary mission is still scheduled for a July launch, despite the fact that a major commercial rocket company has its production facility in … you guessed… Read more »

Over 100 New Minor Planets Have Been Found At The Edge Of Our Solar System

By | March 14, 2020

Astronomers were using the Dark Energy Survey (DES) to detect dark energy in space but upon studying the data, they were surprised to come across another major discovery. By analyzing the first four years of data obtained when the DES was in operation (from August 2013 to January 2019), they were able to identify a… Read more »

Extremely Hot Exoplanet Rains Molten Iron

By | March 13, 2020

A scorching-hot exoplanet has such extreme conditions that molten iron rains down from the sky. WASP-76 b is an “ultrahot Jupiter” that’s located in the constellation Pisces approximately 640 light-year away from us. Discovered in 2013, WASP-76 b is about as large as Jupiter but almost twice as wide. The exoplanet is in such a… Read more »

Rare Oarfish Washes Ashore in Philippines — Sign of Earthquake, Tsunami or Worse?

By | March 12, 2020

One of the mythical harbingers of underwater earthquakes that may actually have some scientific merit is the appearance and ultimate demise of rare giant oarfish, usually dead or dying, on beaches or near shorelines that are prone to earthquakes or tsunamis. The world’s largest bonefish generally stays deep and is sensitive to subtle underwater changes… Read more »

UFOs of the Invisible Kind?

By | March 9, 2020

Of the many and varied kinds of UFO encounters that have been reported since 1947 – the year in which the Flying Saucer was “born” – some stand out more than others. One category of encounter that particularly intrigues me involves UFOs caught on radar. And when the incidents involve pilots pursuing UFOs through the… Read more »